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Monday, April 20, 2009

The Class

Here we all are posing for the nice fireman who is taking our picture.

For those of you who want to save one of these pictures on your own computer here's how.
Click on the photo and it will enlarge, then right click on it. (Joyce ..this means click the other button not your index finger one) a grey box will come up and highlight "Save as" and save it to your picture album. If anybody needs any help just contact me. Have fun!

Carmella Leblanc my email/advice buddy and go between for Pat (who has no computer) and I . Carmella is the leader of the Bouctouche NB group and is so creative and organized. She makes hooking fun.
Carmella has chosen the lighthouse as well and has done a fantastic job with those warm colors, beautiful girl!

June who also hooks with the Buctouche group is also doing a cabin scene, if you look close you will see a Canada goose coming in for a landing in the pond. This will be gorgeous when done.June is our inventor in the group and always comes up with the neatest ideas!

Debbie Lessard hooks out of Moncton as well and is an amazing hooker! I can't wait to see this one done. I learned alot from Debbie this week. I will post a photo of her unbelievable miniatures later.

Shirley who hooks out of the Buctouche Group is also doing a cabin scene. Shirley has added a woodpile with axe and a sculpted snowman to make you smile and want to reach out and touch him, just beautiful!

Judy Boudreau also hooks out of the Moncton firehall.
You should see this in person it will be amazing!! I can smell the hydrangeas!

Ann Franklin from the Moncton group, has chosen the tulip and has it looking fantastic. We learned along with Ann that simple does not mean easy.

Joyce LeMoine hooks with the Northport NS Group and is doing the log cabin scene as well. You will not find a loop out of place in her work, just beautiful!Joyce claims to have a computer but no one has ever gotten an email, we figure she hasn't found the on button yet! lol..

Pat from the RichibuctoNB hooking group is doing a lighthouse scene and it is looking lovely.
Pat is cute as a button and often my roommate on rug hooking courses, Pat is so funny and doesn't even know it. Luv ya pat!

Carolyn from the Moncton group chose a picture of Hawaii and I can't wait to see this piece done although Sharon did have to remind Carolyn to stop talking and hook. Carolyn is working on multitasking, lol.

Sharon Harrison (our fearless leader) from the Moncton group is displaying her lovely piece a Log cabin winter scene. I love Sharon's sense of humor, it is kind of sick like mine, lol..

Here is Fran McKeagan from the Moncton group displaying her lovely piece, her NewFoundland memories.
Fran kept the coffee pot and a lovely smile going throughout the whole course, thanks.

Here is Carol Seely's beautiful work of a local Sugar Bush. You can see the sap running! Amazing! I will post more photos of Carol's work as well. Carol has the most beautiful finishes on her mats that I have ever seen.
This lady's work blows me away!

Me! Lucy Richard I am doing a raven. I love the story about the ravens at the Tower of London and Poe's The Raven so this is what I came up with. I dyed the wool myself and hope I have enough!

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  1. Hi Lucy,
    It was so nice to have you in the class. You do beautiful work and its quite unique. Love it! Tks so much for the pictures of the class, and for the write up. Hope you join the wonderful group of gals at the fire hall.Your comments are much appreciated. A friend, Barb L.