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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Wool Quilt style Framing

Sometimes is is fun to try new things. 

Here I put a wool applique/needle felted combo together and tried applying a sashing as in quilting.

I stretched this only artist canvas frame.

I made many mistakes that I can fix next time. Here is what I would fix.

  1. Allow lots of background left over for adding more rows of sashing.
  2. Use a stabilizer of some sort, iron on I think.
  3. Take better measurements...Measure twice and cut once! 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Dyeing for Elvis's guitar

This afternoon I decided I would share my dyeing for Elvis's guitar. 
Being able to dye any color you want at a moments notice is a must for the creative rug hooker. This freedom is necessary to create works that you will be happy with. Color planning is a breeze, and never settling for a color that isn't quite right. Why settle? We work long and hard to finish a rug.
Using the Wooly Mason Jar Palette Majic cards I chose a color close to the guitars. Since the guitar color is bright in the center and gradually get dark of the outside I knew I needed about 6 values. 
I chose MC 4 R+Y and decided on Value #5 on the swatch card. I then see that it needs toning down so prepred to dye 4 swatches of value #5. 
Using the master conversion card I easily found which amounts of so,ution was needed for 4 swatches/1/8 yd or 40 gr

Once these where done I added black in gradation amounts beginning with 2 of the equivalent of 1/16 tsp, 1/8 tsp and 1/4 tsp. The finished pieces look perfect even wet.
After about 12 minutes all 4 were done in the microwave and on the line to dry. Since it is nice and sunny they are dried and ready to go just an hour later.
Now I am ready to start my piece with these results! I also know I can easily make just one swatch of any if needed. 
I hope this inspires you to dye your own wool...any color...any time you swatch or 1 yd..the same way!
Thanks to my Majic Palette cards and The Wooly Mason Jar Color Wheel Dye system dyeing is fast and easy!

Monday, January 4, 2016

SQUIRREL....The Rug Hooker with ADD

My  ADD mind and rug hooking has brought me to where I am today with the making of The Wooly Mason Jar Color Wheel dye system. Having to make things work easily is how I live everyday and I love the craziness that is driven by distraction. But it doesn't stop there…my mind never stops it jumps from one thing to another…SQUIRREL… 
Today I laugh at myself but have come up with a bit of genius that I will share.
It started with a stray wool strip… while trying to organize my work space.

Then oh yeah my Old Tattered Flag free pattern Crow and Pumkin from Rug Hooking Magazine! Now where is it? Found it…I should have it on the frame so I remember it….wait I have a old cheticamp frame somewhere that I should use….
But it is too big and always in the way…..wait ….what if I could move it out of the way easily?
Hmmmmm,…..okay I can't be picking it up all the time…..wheels? Find wheels….I think I will only put 2 on so it won't be any taller and the slant will make it even more comfy!

Will it fit under my work table, which is an old bifold door on top of 2 bookcases,….
Measure and YESSSSS! It fits and can slide out of the way right over existing rolly bins when not on use! I am a Genuis I am thinking….
Wait…..I have to sew the linen on the frame…..not going to happen, this girl needs an easier way. Carpet tack strips and a pipe foam for protection. Great no sewing….once again a happy dance.

Now, what was I doing again? ......SQUIRREL.... oh yeah, cleaning this room...
Wait there must be an easier way!