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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A few days later and I have finished up the color wheel cards to try our. Very labor intensive to make these but I put alot of thought into it. The only thing I worry about is the swatches falling off the cards. I used double sided carpet tape but don't feel confident that they will stay on.

I wanted the cards to be able to fit next to one another nicely so that it would be eay to see if you like the colors next to one another and for shipping they would lay flat. I may be nuts trying to get these marketable but what the heck! We will see.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lucy's Color Personal Color Wheel and Palette

Here are some photos of my color wheel and personal pallette. I love blotchy mottled wool so I did not stir much to get this effect.
These colors are all derived from my choice of red, yellow and blue along with one other mother color, in my case I used a dark brown.
This "mother color" ties all your colors together in one big family.
I prepared 8 values of each primary, then secondary, the tertiary.

From those I made 2 tones (adding grey) and 2 shades (adding black) of each #4 value. As seen below.
I will continue to make my neutral browns and my black this week.

Now that I have my personal pallete I am numbering and taging each piece so that I may reproduce any color I need when I want.
I am organizing my swatches onto a card file system.
I thought of doing this with only my primary 4 ProChem dyes, 2 Jacquard and 2 Cushings to fit my budget and for dying I used the inexpensive dash, pinch and smidgen spoons.
Now that the initial work and wool investment is done I have the formulas and can help other budget minded hookers perhaps by selling some of the swatch cards/formulas etc to recoop some of my money.