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Friday, August 28, 2015

Microwave Majic at the Hooked Rug Museum of North America, Hubbards Nova Scotia Aug 27/2015

Here are some photos from my Microwave Majic Workshop at the Hooked Rug Museum of Nova Scotia! We had 39 students in attendance!
I taught 6 techniques I developed for the microwave using my Wooly Mason Jar and Majic Palette formulas! We had so much fun!

Monday, August 17, 2015

W. Cushings Kennebuck Maine

Vacation part 2 of 3 

Second on my list of good reviewable Wool Shops is one that surprised me because I thought it would not be my cup of tea. But a what pleasant surprise I got.
W. Cushings of Kennebuck Maine
Upon entering this small but well filled shop I felt a thrill when I seen in person the work of Joan Moshimer! Flanked to the left from floor to ceiling where shelves of wool bolts!
Then the patterns!! On the right back wall was a book page style wall pattern display. Opening each 4x8 foot panel was a delight finished rugs along with the pattern information. Seemed like endless panels of patterns!! How could one decide!
Before entering I was sure that I would not be buying a pattern and I was right......I came home with 4 patterns, 3 books and wool! 
Better than the beautiful rugs, patterns and wool was the service! The two friendliest gals you could ever meet!  

Sunday, August 9, 2015


I thought I would summarize some of my exciting times while on my rug hooking vacation with friend and fellow hooking enthusiastic Marguerite Poirier.

Our first stop was Searsport Rug Hooking Verona Island Maine, just outside of Bangor.
Having already met and dealt with Julie and her Mom Chris, I knew I was for friendly welcome and service.
The shop is in a round house and is chock-full of wool,  patterns, linen and beautiful rugs! When you walk in it is like the heavens open and say "AAhhhhhh!"
Where willpower remains outside the door and you emerge into these delights without regret! Oh how I let loose in there!
Searsport has 103" linen! Yes 103 inches that is 8 1/2 feet WIDE. t always suggest to buy this linen in 1 1/2 yds increments as you can get 3 - 34 x 52" pieces in it.
I ordered  my Kat's Garden pattern that I have been wanting for years! I finally took the plunge! 

When we left and I came out of my wool induced trance I peered into where the backseat once was and seen yard upon yard of luscious wool! Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full. My friend Marguerite then reminded me that we were stopping back on the way home to pick up the multiple patterns that were ordered....and linen...and aprons...and well you got the story.

Thanks so much Searsport for all you do! These gals have worked hard to supply us with all our needs, even taking their shop with them to Florida in the winter.