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Monday, August 17, 2015

W. Cushings Kennebuck Maine

Vacation part 2 of 3 

Second on my list of good reviewable Wool Shops is one that surprised me because I thought it would not be my cup of tea. But a what pleasant surprise I got.
W. Cushings of Kennebuck Maine
Upon entering this small but well filled shop I felt a thrill when I seen in person the work of Joan Moshimer! Flanked to the left from floor to ceiling where shelves of wool bolts!
Then the patterns!! On the right back wall was a book page style wall pattern display. Opening each 4x8 foot panel was a delight finished rugs along with the pattern information. Seemed like endless panels of patterns!! How could one decide!
Before entering I was sure that I would not be buying a pattern and I was right......I came home with 4 patterns, 3 books and wool! 
Better than the beautiful rugs, patterns and wool was the service! The two friendliest gals you could ever meet!  


  1. I'd love to get there someday. Sounds like you were in wool/rughooking glory!

  2. Jillian and team love to share the work of Joan. The lion rug above has partner lion rug designed by Joan that she never completed. It is just as magnificent, large and detailed. Stunning pieces!