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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cat from Scarf?

I realized that I had to mirror image the cat so it can be in the proper corner of the couch.
I am now using the values that I have dyes and almost have most of the face done. The body will go easier and them to the background.
My sisters couch is a primitive gold color so I am thinking that I will put a nice primitive dark red background behind the grey cat.....that is what I am thinking right now but that can change at any thought.

I decided to make my sister a memory rughooked pillow of her cat Angelica who went over the rainbow a year or so ago. Annette says sometimes she thinks she still hears her in the house. This pillow will sit in the same spot that Angelica sat for 12 years and will be a nice reminder and surprise.
I don't have to worry about her reading my blog as she has no interest in rughooking or what I do, lol.
Anyway I started with a recycled scarf and thought I would like to do the whole cat with it but due to the amount of wasted color I will not have enough so I am starting over with some values that I dyed using my Easy Wooly Mason Jar Color Wheel swatch recipe cards.
I think this will be much easier for me!

Check out the system that
I have developed and am
 working with.  

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