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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Big Honkin Rug

This is the main section of my BHR rug online challenge which I should have had done by January 1, 2009 but as usual I am late. Now I have to figure out the borders.

This is the cabin we used to have on the Miramichi River and when I designed the mat I decided to use linen instead of my favorite burlap and was feeling something missing when drawing it on the linen. I have a spiritual connection with my grand-mere ( in heaven) who hooked on burlap and I was not getting that warm feeling so I hooked her on the deck with me.
If you look close in the sky I have 2 fish and a rug hook in the clouds, lol....I love having fun with my hooking.

I have decided to put log cabin quilt blocks in each corner and not exactly sure for the rest.

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