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Thursday, February 14, 2019

BREAKING FREE Be prepared to have your Mind Blown!

Please allow to present this stunning rug. BREAKING FREE is a 3D geometric that boggle the mind with delight. One can read many things into this piece! And take on many meanings.
When Linda first told me about this rug in mind I thought she was nuts to attempt it! I eat these words and bow to a top notch designer and artist! If this is her debut the look out world!
Designed and hooked by my friend Linda Stockford of New Brunswick Canada. Linda is a member of my Facebook group The Wooly Mason Jar Rug Hooking and live not far from me. I had the honor to teach her my system of dyeing and see for yourself what can be done if you can dye your own swatches. Here are Linda’s words from our chat that she has allowed me to share.
“First I used Costco wrapping paper with the graph on the back to draw it on.  (I am frugal).  All dyed with The Wooly Mason Jar Color Wheel dye system in the microwave.
-7 different colours with 70 different values.
- It took 8 hours to draw the graph on rug warp.
-It has 2880 3/4 in squares.  
-Each square has about 42 loops, that works out to about 120960.00 loops.
-It took 140.3 hours to hook.  This does not include any dyeing or drawing time.  And all the other parts of doing a rug.

I am going to have it framed. It is 27x60.”