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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Linda Low's Cheticamp Rug Story

An old rug and a not so old story.
This is the story of how I met my dear online friend Linda Low of Newfoundland. Linda and I were just about to meet in person but Linda left this world in 2015 to teacher rug hooking in heaven.
we met when Linda became a member of The Wooly Mason Jar Rug Hooking group on Facebook and asked the question on how to fix a Cheticamp rug.  
Well of course I'm always full of answers if I don't actually have to do the work myself so I told her to go ahead and try to patch it, that it would be easy! 
And of course it would not be easy and  Linda and I begin communicating online and became good friends! Linda told me she was just starting to live her life since she retired and became a rug hooking teacher. Oh how she loved meeting new people and sharing her gift of teaching with others. Linda was the owner of Chapeau Rouge Rug Hooking.

 Before Linda passed away she sent her son she called me and told me she would like me to have the Cheticamp rug that I told her would be easy to fix she told me to go ahead and toss it out and not feel bad but until now I couldn't. 
Cheticamp rugs in the day were made by the ladies of Cheticamp, Cape Breton Nova Scotia. A village nestled at the base of the Cabot Trail. 
These rugs were hooked on huge frames with tiny little hooks with fine yarn. They were world renowned and scattered in stately homes and government houses. 

The skilled hooker ladies were paid by the inch so if you look at the back of a Cheticamp rug you will see the squares. I've taken some photos so that I can show you how to tell a true Cheticamp. You literally see the little squares and even see where different Hookers have worked. 
Sadly repairing this rug is beyond me. 

If anybody would like to have this rug please let me know I cannot seem to throw it out all of those hours that the lady spent pulling loops and then the years that Linda had it on the floor near the bed let me know and I'll pass it on if you'd like to have it. 

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