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Saturday, June 10, 2017

RHGNS Rug School Class of 2017 - Doris Norman teaches William Morris

Canadian iconic teacher Doris Norman of Fredericton, New Brunswick is in a class of her pun intended. Fredricton's Heritage Rug Hooking Guild is lucky to have her and we New Brunswick and Nova Scotia hookers are lucky to share her! 
If you get a chance to get into a class with Doris jump at matter what it is! You won't be sorry. Doris is a true teacher and so interesting! 

Doris will explain history behind the style or subjects she is teaching which I love! Her easy going personality is delightful and witty and sure to have you enjoying every moment!


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  1. Hi Lucy, I wanted to send a note. I was fortunate enough to go to RHGNL Rug Camp last year and to meet Doris and take her Celtic class. It was such a pleasure to meet her - not only because she is a legend in Celtic and William Morris - but also because our lives overlapped slightly in Fredericton. I was born and grew up there and moved to Ontario after high school with my mom and new step dad.

    I am returning to Killdevil this year as a teacher and am so excited to go back. In case you don't know, the theme this year is Elvis and you have done the most incredible tribute to him - I am in awe. I will be creating a mini tribute for the occasion, but nothing to compare to yours. Just sending my kudos.